Laundry Services

Wash-N-Fold Laundry

wash-n-foldSame Day drop off service, don’t wait around on your laundry, go do your shopping and feel confident that we can get the laundry done for you.  Leave your laundry in the hands of our professionals who do this every day. We love doing laundry, and we love folding clothes, so allow us to allow you to have that time to yourself and come back and pick your clothes up at little cost to you. Feel confident that your laundry is in good hands with our staff who has been in the laundry industry for a combined experience of over 40 years.

An individual will spend 3 to 5 hours weekly washing, drying and folding their laundry!

Don’t waste your valued time any longer doing your own laundry, instead trust the professionals at Splash em’ Out Laundry to wash, fold and dry your clothes.

Self Service Laundry

self-service-laundryOne important factor when opening the Splash Em Out stores was equipment mix. We felt it was real important to have the right equipment to satisfy all potential customers. We did not just want to delve in what is trendy, but do both, and satisfy the fast pace society, and slow pace society. It was recommended by us to many not to have any top load washers in our new Laundromats, but with some research, and some good advice from our distributor, we have an equipment mix that will satisfy all.

We do have a row of top load washers, and this allowed customers who don’t like to change a piece of mind when coming to our store.

Splash Em Out Coin Laundry & Wash-N-Fold is excited to have such a diverse choice in equipment. People who are in a big hurry, and or have a lot of clothes to wash immediately go to the front row and use the 60 pound washers. These washers allow you to wash 6 loads of clothes at once. The final spin from this machine leaves the clothes slightly damp leaving you with very little drying time.

All of our washers range from small to large. This enables our customers many choices, and allows them to choose the right washer for them. Our dryers range from large to medium, and we have had much feedback on how fast our dryers get the job done. The dryers have several settings, and this allows the customer to choose from high heat, medium heat, delicate, and no heat.

Free Pick-Up & Delivery

To the right of our home page is a quick form that you can fill out if you want to schedule a pick-up of your laundry. You can also use this as an inquiry, and or just to get general information. If using this form is not in your best interest, you can pick up the phone and someone will be on the other end to answer any questions you may have about pick-up and delivery.

If you choose to use the form, be certain to add any special instructions you may like our staff to pay close attention too on your order. Once you click the send button, it comes directly to us, and we will receive your request within a matter of minutes. Quick and easy.

Once we receive your request, we will then send you back an e-mail to confirm everything you ordered is correct, and the pick-up scheduled. You should at all times, leave a contact telephone number, so we can reach you with any detailed questions.

All orders will usually be scheduled within a 24 hour time frame.

Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration is a process that takes several steps to ensure that the clothes are free from smoke, soot, and stains. Here at Splash Em Out Laundromat we take special care of our customers who may have suffered a loss due to fire, and or water damage. We want to make certain that the clothes from Fire Damage are restored back to their original state. Take a look at some actual pictures from a fire loss that we were in fact able to recover. The customer doesn’t have to go out to purchase new clothes, and doesn’t have to lose those clothes that are irreplaceable. We all have certain clothes that we like to wear, and going to that department store can’t replace that pair of jeans, and or that tee shirt you are used to wearing the last several years.

We take special care of all of our customers clothes, and know that with our state-of-the art Laundromat, they will be well taken care of. If you have any questions concerning clothes that may be damaged, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be fire damaged, give us a call or contact us through the inquiry page. You will be pleasantly surprised as to the stains we are able to get out of clothing. Our staff here at Splash Em out Laundromat is highly trained and qualified in every aspect of spot removal, and restoration.


Contact us for professional Ironing service!

Commercial Laundry

Attention business owners! Let us clean your employee uniforms for a fraction of the cost!

Horse Blankets

It may not be as easy as it sounds to just clean your horse blankets.  As the blankets endure the harsh weather conditions, one may look at the horse blanket and say to their self “no problem, I can wash this in my own washing machine”.  This is a great idea until you stuff this blanket in the small washing machine and see that it does not have the capacity to spin out the hair, manure, and other debris that could be trapped in the blanket.  This is why you should bring your horse blankets to a professional facility that has the experience to clean this type of laundry.

Of course, there are some blankets you can clean yourself.  I believe that anyone who is in the horse business doesn’t want to think about cleaning blankets after a long day.  Spare time and strong arms may even be able to clean all their blankets.  Some horse owners have been known to stuff blankets into their washing machines in spite of the washers protest.  This is really not a good idea.

Horse blankets will definitely take a toll on your home laundry equipment.  Home washers are not built to handle the volume of hair, mud and manure that come off a horse blanket.  Using a home washing machine can clog up your drainage system.

Lighter weight blankets that don’t get too much dirt can be washed at home.  These blankets will consist of sheets and coolers.  Some stable sheets can be machine washed, and this depends on the bulk.  If you decide on putting a blanket in your washing machine, make certain that it has enough room to agitate; otherwise you won’t get all the dirt off.

If you want to clean your blankets at home, some suggest draping the blanket over a fence and using a shedding blade to remove as much fur and hair as possible.  Then go over the blanket with a stiff brush to remove loose dirt.  Next, hose the blanket with water and scrub it with a good detergent.  We would recommend using a detergent made for delicates, especially if the blanket is waterproof.  Follow with a thorough rinsing and let the blanket dry completely before storing.
The two biggest problems people encounter when they clean their blankets at home are storing them before they are completely dry and not rinsing them thoroughly.  A blanket that is even slightly damp will rot if it is folded and stored for the summer, a blanket must be absolutely dry before putting it away.

The best way to store your horse blankets is in a tack trunk where mice can’t get in.  A plastic bag may also be used if you tie it tightly.  Some horse owners save the zippered plastic bags many sheets and comforters come in and use them to store clean horse blankets.
When washing blankets in your home machine, it is suggested to run them through a complete extra wash cycle without soap to be sure the blanket is thoroughly rinsed.  Even the least bit of soap residue can irritate some horses, so it is very important that all blankets are rinsed thoroughly.  It is very important to use detergents with the least amount of chemicals and never use fabric softener.  Horses sweat underneath their blankets, and this can cause problems if there is soap residue in the blanket.

Additionally, always wash blankets in cold water.  This prevents the fabric from breaking down and reduces shrinkage.   If you maintain your blanket over the course of the winter it will be easier to clean in the spring.  It is suggested brushing the blanket regularly to remove dirt.  Always brush when the blanket is dry.  Brushing when dirt is wet will imbed it into the material.

In most instances, the best choice – Especially if you have expensive, heavy turnout blankets- is to send them to a professional cleaner.  The cost of cleaning usually will pay for itself in the long run by extending the life of your blanket.  Many tack shops will send blankets out for professional cleaning.  Give us a call to schedule your blankets to be cleaned.

Washers and Dryers


Top Load Washers

While I don’t like to promote the use of Top Loaders, I feel that we have the best top loaders in the market. Our durable stainless steel tub with the basket being able to hold a volume of 79 cu. Liter, and the automatic balancing system provides best out-of-balance handling of loads. Our top loaders have faster spin than ones of past, meaning less drying time.


20 Pound Front Load Washer

Our front load washers are highly efficient. Fast cycle times get the job done quickly, while the double load washtub provides lots of room for larger loads. The high speed up to 1000 RPM removes more water from clothes, speeding up drying cycles and lowering dryer usage.

This washer is capable of doing 6 loads of laundry at one time. If you are in a hurry, this is the washer for you. This washer is good for large comforters, quilts, and horse blankets. This heavy duty, high efficiency machine is the best in the laundry industry.


30 Pound Front Load Washer

The 30 Pound Front Loader will handle 3 loads of laundry at once. It can also handle small to medium size comforters. With its heavy duty construction, and enhancing the look with stainless steel and very large door opening makes it very easy to use. The large door allows you to load and unload clothes with ease. This washer has a self cleaning; multi-compartment dispenser automatically dispenses detergent for pre-wash and main wash and fabric softener for final rinse.


40 Pound Front Load Washer

The 40 Pound Front Loader will handle 4 loads of laundry at once. It can also handle medium to large size comforters. With its heavy duty construction, and enhancing the look with stainless steel and very large door opening makes it very easy to use. The large door allows you to load and unload clothes with ease. This washer has a self cleaning; multi-compartment dispenser automatically dispenses detergent for pre-wash and main wash and fabric softener for final rinse.


60 Pound Front Load Washer

The 60 Pound Front Loader will handle 6 loads of laundry at once. It can also handle large size comforters. With its heavy duty construction, and enhancing the look with stainless steel and very large door opening makes it very easy to use. The large door allows you to load and unload clothes with ease. This washer has a self cleaning; multi-compartment dispenser automatically dispenses detergent for pre-wash and main wash and fabric softener for final rinse.


Double Stack Dryers

Our dryers are designed to be easy to use. These dryers are handicap accessible. Features of these dryers are fast drying performance, and concentrated airflow pattern and sealed cylinder rims ensure maximum air utilization. The high performance heater box increases energy efficiency, reduces drying times and provides more comfortable operating environment.

The dual digital control is a mechanical control that is extremely user friendly offering variable temperature controls, enabling customers to select the proper drying process for anything from heavy towels to delicate clothing.

Lexington Laundry will beat any semester pricing for students!!

Lexington Laundry comes to you, and will pick-up and deliver to your door.

There is a $25.00 minimum charge for pick up and delivery