Wash-N-Fold Laundry

wash-n-foldSame Day drop off service, don’t wait around on your laundry, go do your shopping and feel confident that we can get the laundry done for you. Leave your laundry in the hands of our professionals who do this every day. We love doing laundry, and we love folding clothes, so allow us to allow you to have that time to yourself and come back and pick your clothes up at little cost to you. Feel confident that your laundry is in good hands with our staff who has been in the laundry industry for a combined experience of over 40 years.

An individual will spend 3 to 5 hours weekly washing, drying and folding their laundry!

Don’t waste your valued time any longer doing your own laundry, instead trust the professionals at Splash em’ Out Laundry to wash, fold and dry your clothes.