Self Service Laundry

self-service-laundryOne important factor when opening the Splash Em Out stores was equipment mix. We felt it was real important to have the right equipment to satisfy all potential customers. We did not just want to delve in what is trendy, but do both, and satisfy the fast pace society, and slow pace society. It was recommended by us to many not to have any top load washers in our new Laundromats, but with some research, and some good advice from our distributor, we have an equipment mix that will satisfy all.

Splash Em Out Coin Laundry & Wash-N-Fold is excited to have such a diverse choice in equipment. People who are in a big hurry, and or have a lot of clothes to wash immediately go to the front row and use the 60 pound washers. These washers allow you to wash 6 loads of clothes at once. The final spin from this machine leaves the clothes slightly damp leaving you with very little drying time.

All of our washers range from small to large. This enables our customers many choices, and allows them to choose the right washer for them. Our dryers range from large to medium, and we have had much feedback on how fast our dryers get the job done. The dryers have 3 different settings, and this allows the customer to choose from high heat, medium heat, and no heat.