Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration is a process that takes several steps to ensure that the clothes are free from smoke, soot, and stains. Here at Splash Em Out Laundromat we take special care of our customers who may have suffered a loss due to fire, and or water damage. We want to make certain that the clothes from Fire Damage are restored back to their original state. Take a look at some actual pictures from a fire loss that we were in fact able to recover. The customer doesn’t have to go out to purchase new clothes, and doesn’t have to lose those clothes that are irreplaceable. We all have certain clothes that we like to wear, and going to that department store can’t replace that pair of jeans, and or that tee shirt you are used to wearing the last several years.

We take special care of all of our customers clothes, and know that with our state-of-the art Laundromat, they will be well taken care of. If you have any questions concerning clothes that may be damaged, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be fire damaged, give us a call or contact us through the inquiry page. You will be pleasantly surprised as to the stains we are able to get out of clothing. Our staff here at Splash Em out Laundromat is highly trained and qualified in every aspect of spot removal, and restoration.