Towel Service

Many businesses in Kentucky, such as hotels, motels, spas, gyms, and health clubs, rely on towels for their daily operations. These towels need to be clean, soft, and smell amazing. When you choose Splash Em' Out's towel cleaning service, we make sure all these requirements are met.

Places of Beauty

Towels used in spas and nail salons often face tough stains like nail polish, hair dyes, and other chemicals. Our experienced cleaners know how to deal with these stains using special detergents and techniques. They'll make your towels look like new again!

Places to Exercise

Gyms and health clubs use towels to absorb sweat, which can end up in a big pile in the locker room. It's important to have these towels properly cleaned and smelling fresh for the next person. With our towel cleaning service, you can always trust that your towels will smell great and look fantastic.

Places to Relax

Airbnbs, hotels, and motels in Kentucky go through a large number of towels per day. Guests understand that many others have used these towels before them, so proper laundering is crucial. Splash Em' Out has industrial machines that handle large laundry loads and our experts know how to get the job done right.

Commercial laundry costs depend on how much laundry you have, what type of laundry it is, and how often you need us to pickup. Send us an email or click here to request a bid.

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